With the purpose of modernization of aquacultural activity, development and improvement of fish farming and culture business, securing of solid position on Lithuanian market, complying with the national standards and standards of the European Union, production of high-quality products, reduction of production costs and increase of profitability of the farm, “Šalčininkai Fishing Farm” Company has used the funds of the EU and invested in purchase of necessary technical equipment. The farm has already implemented three projects: “Modernization and Development of Aquacutural Farm”, “Investment for Development of Traditional Aquacultural Activity”; the project for the employment initiative of local residents for Šalčininkai territorial labor exchange “Further Development of Fishing Farm”. Total cost of the projects implemented amounts to LTL 3 million. Currently, 5 projects are in the process of preparation. Their successful realization is estimated during the next year.

It is planned to develop the products supply, thus, the range of live fish for the consumer will become even wider. In cooperation with one Danish company we are now designing a closed system for trout breeding. Installed advanced technology for trout breeding will allow breeding the products with fewer expenses. A small difference between the price for trout and carps for our basic consumer (ordinary country resident) would provide an opportunity to enjoy trout products.

“Šalčininkai Fishing Farm” Company has used the assets of the Fishing Fund of the European Union effectively and in time. Thus, in the future you will be able to hear a lot of positive comments regarding results of this company’s work.