Object of the main economic commercial activity of the company is agriculture, fishery, manufacture, trade, and service rendering. “Šalčininkai Fishing Farm” Company induces simulated spawning and breeds fish, engages in wholesale and retail trade as well as commercial amateur fishing. The farm breeds carps, crucian carps, pikes, and Chinese carps. Prior to reaching the consumer, the fish is being bred for three years and only then it is being sold. At the moment, the farm breeds and sells approx. 300 tons of live fish per year. Natural environment, quality of water, food, disease management and protection against fish-eating birds has a great impact on carp farming. In spring, the farm pumps fill the ponds with water up to 50 % using the waters of the small river Šalčia. In autumn, the water from the ponds is not discharged completely. Therefore, in the spring only approx. 50 % of the water necessary for refilling the ponds is taken from a small river Šalčia. The ponds are disinfected with hydrated lime annually.