About us

The fishing farm located in Triboniai village, Šalčininkai district, has been operating since 1966. Already then it was one of the most efficient fishing farms in Lithuania. The state fishing farm in Šalčininkai which was privatized ten years ago under direction of Algimantas Gylys became nearly the most efficient enterprise operating in this sphere in Lithuania. During this period the territory of the farm has changed and at the moment it amounts to 341 ha. Strategic goal of the Private Limited Liability Company “Šalčininkų žuvininkystės ūkis“ (Šalčininkai Fishing Farm) is to constantly develop and improve fish farming and culture business and to secure solid position on Lithuanian market. The company seeks to comply with the national standards and standards of the European Union, produce high-quality products, provide higher efficiency, reduce production costs and increase profitability of the farm. The farm locates cultivation of carps, pikes, and Chinese carps. Carps make up the major part of sales. Prior to the sales the carps are being bred from juvenile in the farm for three years and only then they are being sold. Natural environment, quality of water, food, and disease management has a great impact on carp farming. In the spring, the farm pumps fill the ponds with water up to 50 % using the waters of a small Šalčia River as the company does not discharge all the water in autumn. Discharge of pond water is done in the period from 1 September to 1 November.